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Your brain is such a worthless slacker. I’ll prove it.
Relax and stare at this image for a while. After said while (thirty seconds…ish), the colours will begin to disappear (no it’s not a gif). You can even make them go away completely.
What’s happening is called Troxler’s Fading. After a while of receiving the same non-changing information, your brain gets bored and just discards the information because it’s too busy keeping an eye out for more pressing, changing information, like tiger attacks.
You know how when you wear a watch for a while you stop noticing it. Same thing. Your brain is an idiot.
It is pretty though.

Anonymous: how do you give a bj


get a bible and start reading it out loud i promise u will blow him away with the word of the lord

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why test on animals when there are prisons full of rapists

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"You’d destroy me, and I’d let you."
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the first time you meet her, the air left your lungs
in a tsunami. i remember because i was
sitting beside you, like always, and
you suddenly looked like you were drowning.
i remember you saying “i have to talk to her
or i will surely burn up”
and i just said

the first time she and i spoke, i looked for broken bits
of her, just little things i could latch onto so
i could tell myself in the late nights that i had
but it turns out she is as lovely as you told me
and i don’t hate her at all because she makes you
genuinely happy and later when she and i had become friends
we got drunk together and she confessed “i was originally scared
you would steal him” and i started smiling but she continued, “but
there’s no way that’s happening”
and i just said

the first time i met him he reminded me so much of you that
i couldn’t stop talking to him and even though his mouth
tasted like lemon cleaner and glue
i still kissed him in the dark night looking to see if i could
replace you because he’s a good guy and probably would make
some other girl very happy but i just wanted to feel
regardless of who was handing it out and
i regret that so much because you laughed
when you saw the hickies and bitemarks and said
“thank god i thought you were gonna be alone forever”
and i just said

you love her you love her you love her why do those words make my bones feel like a broken ink cartridge why do those words hurt me so badly why is it that i want you to look at me with even a teaspoon of the love in your eyes that you give her i mean even if you’re alone with me it’s clear your heart is with her it’s so painfully obvious that she’s your stars and i’m just a stone in the garden where you grew up i just want to be loved like that with that power you shine on her with all that great white stormcloud fury but when he said “i love you” all i could whisper was a small and broken “oh”

in the late night he and i sat by the lake and kissed each other and i closed my eyes and he let the silence get long before he asked me if i had ever loved you and i thought about watching you grow up and how when we were little you were too scared to go anywhere without holding my hand and how when we were teenagers you used to text me every night because your hands shook while mine stayed steady and how you always come with a joke and a smile and how when you fell for her you broke the laws of physics and fell harder than newton could calculate and how if she makes you as happy as i’ve seen then i will keep you two together at all costs because you’re the most precious thing that’s ever happened to me and i must have kept silent for too long because he repeated “do you love him have you loved him all along” and i had to rewire the atoms in my tongue and suffocate my soul just to force out a very quiet “no.”

-"I’m with someone I really do like but I still have this deep deep feeling that I’m meant to be with my best friend and he’s with someone else." /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)

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